How to view and manage responses?

You can view form responses in Google Forms or use the kanban board in Peergateway to view and mange your orders.

Step 1: Open your form in Google Forms. Click on the addon icon and click Peergateway.
Step 2: Peergateway menu will be displayed. Click More options.
Step 3: Peergateway sidebar widget will be displayed. Click Customize to open the Edit page.
Step 4: Edit page will open in a new tab. Click Orders.

View orders

By default, there are four standard status in the kanban board for orders. You cannot change, delete or rearrange the order of the default status.

  • Abandoned: If a user starts filling the form, but doesn't submit it, these drafts will be displayed under Abandoned status. You will not be able to delete these drafts or submit it.
  • Submitted: If a user fills the form and submits it, these orders will be displayed under Submitted status. You can move a submitted orders to Completed, Trash or any other custom status.
  • Completed: Once you have completed the order submitted by the user, you can move it to Completed status.
  • Trash: You can move redundant orders to Trash to delete these orders. Orders in Trash will not be included in the Reports.
Step 5: Click on an order to view the details.
When you click on an order, the order details will be displayed as shown below. You can click on the ⋮ more icon to edit or print the response.

Add status

Step 6: Click on the +Status button in the bottom right coner.
Step 7: Enter the new status and click Save.
The new status will be displayed as shown below. You can add as many status as you need to manage your orders.

Manage orders

Click on an order to view the details. Enter a comment, select the status from the Move to dropdown option and click Submit to change the status.
You can also drag and drop orders to change status as shown below.