How to customize the form layout, fonts and fonts?

You can customize the form layout and font styles to create a professional looking payment form.

Step 1: Open your form in Google Forms. Click on the addon icon and click Peergateway.
Step 2: Peergateway menu will be displayed. Click More options.
Step 3: Peergateway sidebar widget will be displayed. Click Customize to open the Edit page.
Step 4: Edit page will open in a new tab. Click on gear icon next to the form title.
Step 5: Form settings will be displayed. Click Appearance. Select the compact or comfortable layout and click Save. You can also update the font, colors and font size as well.
When you select a compact layout, short answer, dropdown, date questions will be displayed in a 3-column layout while multiple choice, checkboxes, paragraph questions will be displayed in a single column layout.